Top scientific team at the FMT

Project characteristics

In 2014, the Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic, as an advisory body to the Government of the Slovak Republic, published the first call of its project “Identification of the Excellence of the Scientific Teams at the Universities in the Slovak Republic”. In the framework of this call, 37 top scientific teams from Slovak universities were selected from 77 proposals. The team from the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, called Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Research Team (AMTRteam), has also been selected.

The condition for the inclusion of the proposed teams in this category within the above project was the fulfilment of the demanding criteria including the involvement of foreign experts in the evaluation process. The following three areas were considered for the evaluation process: evaluation of publications and citations including significant publications; the second area of evaluation was focused on international activities of the team, especially the participation of the team members in international grants, projects as well as membership in the world scientific societies; other criteria were international and national patents, realized unique technical works, new technologies, industrial designs, developed software, etc.

Members of the selected top team from the FMT

prof. Ing. Vladimír Modrák, CSc.
Prof. Ing. Vladimír Modrák, CSc., team leader, inaugurated in production technology area , expert in pre-production stage optimization, double finalist of BPM and Workflow, active member of European Academy for Industrial Management
Prof. Ing. Katarína Monková, PhD
Prof. Ing. Katarína Monková, PhD, inaugurated in the field of mechanical engineering, a professor in the field of production technology, scientifically oriented to strength analysis of machine parts in the production process, a researcher of many international and domestic projects.
Dr. h. c. mult. prof. Ing. Jozef Zajac, CSc.
Dr. h. c. mult. prof. Ing. Jozef Zajac, CSc., inaugurated in the field of production technology, expert in the field of machining with a focus on optimization of technological fluids, author of several monographs in the related field.
Prof. Ing. Anton Panda, PhD.
Prof. Ing. Anton Panda, PhD., works in the field of Production Technology, scientifically oriented to monitoring and diagnostics of production processes. Author of several monographs and other significant journal publications in the field.
Prof. Ing. Jozef Jurko, PhD.
Prof. Ing. Jozef Jurko, PhD., inaugurated in the field of production technology, scientifically focused on research of cutting processes of difficult-to-machine materials, successful researcher of several research tasks for industries and grant projects.
Doc. Ing. Alexander Hošovský, PhD.
Doc. Ing. Alexander Hošovský, PhD., expert in computational intelligence, automatic control of production machines and processes as well as mechatronics. The winner of the Science and Technology Award in the category of Personality of Science and Technology under 35 years.
Prof. Ing. Sergej Hloch, PhD.
Prof. Ing. Sergej Hloch, PhD., inaugurated in the field of production technology, scientifically focused on research of water jet technology, holder of the several awards: Scientist of the Year awarded by SAS and ZSVTS, Werner von Siemens Excellence Award and others.

Selected publications of the top team members

  • Panda, A., Dyadyura, K., Valíček, J., Harničárová, M., Zajac, J., Modrák, V., ... & Pavelek, Z. (2017). Manufacturing technology of composite materials—principles of modification of polymer composite materials technology based on polytetrafluoroethylene. Materials, 10(4), 377.
  • Jurko, J., Džupon, M., Panda, A., & Zajac, J. (2012). Study influence of plastic deformation a new extra low carbon stainless steels XCr17Ni7MoTiN under the surface finish when drilling. In Advanced Materials Research (Vol. 538, pp. 1312-1315). Trans Tech Publications.
  • Monka, P., Monkova, K., Modrak, V., Hric, S., & Pastucha, P. (2019). Study of a tap failure at the internal threads machining. Engineering Failure Analysis, 100, 25-36.
  • Monka, P., Monkova, K., Balara, M., Hloch, S., Rehor, J., Andrej, A., & Somsak, M. (2016). Design and experimental study of turning tools with linear cutting edges and comparison to commercial tools. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 85(9-12), 2325-2343.
  • Hreha, P., Radvanská, A., Hloch, S., Peržel, V., Królczyk, G., & Monková, K. (2015). Determination of vibration frequency depending on abrasive mass flow rate during abrasive water jet cutting. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 77(1-4), 763-774.
  • Jurko, J., Panda, A., & Gajdos, M. (2009). Accompanying phenomena in the cutting zone machinability during turning of stainless steels. International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials, 5(4), 383-400.
  • Panda, A., Duplák, J., Jurko, J., & Zajac, J. (2013). Turning bearing rings and determination of selected cutting materials durability. Advanced Science Letters, 19(8), 2486-2489.
  • Modrak, V. (Ed.). (2017). Mass customized manufacturing: theoretical concepts and practical approaches. CRC Press.
  • Hloch, S., Valiček, J., Stoić, A., Kozak, D., Samardžić, I., Novak-Marcinčin, J., & Modrak, V. (2011). Rezanje mlazom vode. Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Strojarski fakultet u Slavonskom Brodu.
  • Ganovska, B., Molitoris, M., Hosovsky, A., Pitel, J., Krolczyk, J. B., Ruggierio, A., ... & Hloch, S. (2016). Design of the model for the on-line control of the AWJ technology based on neural networks.

Monitoring and evaluation framework

Scientific and professional activities of the top team at the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies are regularly (once a year) evaluated by the Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic according to the indicators divided into the above mentioned groups. Ongoing evaluations serve as a basis for approving the financial support allocated to individual top teams. The research team from the Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies, a member of the AMTR team, continuously fulfils all the criteria, thus supported annually (from its inclusion until now) by a targeted financial subsidy.